What is School Readiness?

School Readiness is children being ready for school; families being ready to support their children’s learning; and schools being ready for children. School Readiness is viewed as children possessing the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for success in school and later learning in life.

Our School Readiness Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the lives of low-income children by providing training and technical assistance to center staff that is family-focused and inclusive of education, health, nutrition, mental health and disability services through the integration of all systems in an intentional effort to support school readiness.

School Readiness Core Values

  1. Children must be valued.
  2. Treat others with respect and dignity.
  3. Promote honesty and trust.
  4. Value others and embrace cooperation and collaboration.
  5. Remain committed to quality work.
  6. View change as an opportunity for growth.
  7. Take personal responsibility for actions and behaviors.


School Readiness Program Goals

School readiness goals articulate our program’s expectations of our children’s status and progress across the five essential domains of child development and early learning.  They are broad statements that articulate the highest developmental achievement children should attain as a result of Head Start services. They are the expectations of children’s status and progress across the five identified essential domains.  Progress within these domains will improve readiness for kindergarten goals and that appropriately reflect the ages of children, birth to five, participating in the program. The five essential domains are as follows:

1.  Language and Literacy development

2. Cognition

3. Approaches to Learning

4. Perceptual Motor and Physical Development

5. Social and Emotional Development

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