Mississippi Legacy for Children

Legacy Project
The Mississippi Legacy for Children is a collaborative effort between Friends of Children of Mississippi, Inc. and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The Legacy project intends to influence parents to make thoughtful choices that lead to better child outcomes by:

  • Promoting maternal responsibility, maternal investment and maternal devotion of time and energy for her child.
  • Promoting responsive, sensitive mother-child relationships.
  • Supporting mothers as guides in their children’s behavioral and emotional regulation.
  • Promoting each mother’s facilitation of her children’s verbal and cognitive development.
  • Promoting each mother’s sense of community.

For more information about the Legacy program, please email Ms. Shirley Moore at shirley_moore@fcmi-ms.us or 601.321.0960. Ext. 3072.

Madison County WIN Job Center ECD One-Stop Shop

Customized early childhood development services are available for eligible customers receiving services at the WIN Job Center in Canton, MS. These services are made available through a partnership between FCM, Inc., Mississippi Department of Human Services and Central Mississippi Planning and Development District.

These services include:

  • On-site infants and toddlers (8 weeks up to age 3) care up to 8 hours a day;
  • Hourly child care services (made 24 hours in advance);
  • Services for drop-ins (minimum slots available);
  • Services for preschoolers age four-years-old and older for a maximum of 2 hours, if space is available.

For more information, contract Dr. Cathy Gaston at cathy_gaston@fcmi-ms.us or 601.321.0960. Ext 3004.