Policy Council Officers:

Willie Pitchford, Chairperson (Humphreys County)
Jenesa Nelson, Vice- Chairperson (Clarke County)
Kimberly Collier,  Secretary (Jones County)
Shaneatha Harrison,  Assistant Secretary (Copiah County)


Cecil Ashford  (Jones County) (Community Representative)
Kimberly Collier (Jones County)
Shaneatha Harrison (Copiah County)
Kyenechia Hart (Humphreys County)
Sholanda Hollins (Leake County)
Kisha King (Jasper County)
Jenesa Nelson (Clarke County) (Community Representative)

Dorothy Owens (Rankin County)
Julia Patton (Clarke County)
Willie Pitchford (Humphreys County)
Narshundra Rogers (Madison County)
Anita Spencer (Kemper County)
Patsy Watson (Rankin County) (Community Representative)
Angela Williams (Issaquena/Sharkey Counties)

About the Head Start Policy Council

Head Start Policy Councils must be comprised of two types of representatives:

    1. Parents of currently enrolled children and
    2. Community representatives.

At least 51 percent of the members of the policy council must be the parents of currently enrolled children. Parents of children currently enrolled in all program options must be proportionately represented. Community representatives must be drawn from the local community, including businesses, public or private community, civic, and professional organizations, and others who are familiar with resources and services for low-income children and families.

The Role of the Policy Council

The Policy Council reviews, approves or disapproves policies and procedures including but not limited to:

    • All funding applications and amendments to funding applications for Early Head Start and Head Start;
    • Procedures describing how the governing body and the appropriate policy group will make decisions;
    • With whom the Head Start or Early Head Start agency will partner;
    • Annual self-assessment of the Head Start agency’s fiscal, programmatic operations;
    • Program personnel policies including standards of conduct for program staff, consultants, and volunteers;
    • Decisions to hire or terminate the Early Head Start or Head Start director;
    • Decisions to hire or terminate any person who works primarily for the Early Head Start or Head Start program;and
    • Serve as a link to the Parent Committees, grantee and delegate agency governing bodies, public and private organizations and the community.