Program Design and Management provides the structure and support systems required to carry out the agency’s mission and vision. Through systems of (1) Program Governance, (2) Planning, (3) Communications, (4) Record Keeping & Reporting, (5) Ongoing Monitoring, (6) Self-Assessment, (7) Human Resources, (8) Fiscal Management, and (9) ERSEA (Enrollment, Recruitment, Selection, Eligibility and Attendance), we provide a cohesive structure that supports continuous improvement and fosters commitment to provide the highest level of services to children and families.

We provide safe transportation services to and from Head Start centers for many children in the counties we serve.


Information Technology:
We provide the technology needed to enhance each child’s school readiness preparation and support the operational needs of the agency’s content area services.


We provide a safe and healthy environment conducive to learning and reflective of the different developmental stages of each child.


Human Resources:
We take care of the employees, who take care of our customers, by providing a safe and positive work environment through a team-based style of management that promotes growth and job satisfaction.