ECD75-2Early Childhood Development:
We assist children in becoming independent, self-confident and inquisitive learners. Children are taught how to learn – not just in preschool but throughout their lives. Our teaching staff allows children to learn at their own pace and in ways that are best for them. With this approach, our children will have a successful start in public school.

Health75-2 Health Services:
Health services focus on preventing health problems whenever possible by carefully addressing the needs of enrolled children. We work hard to make sure that children have an ongoing source of health care that can be accessed long after a child leaves Head Start. Click here to find out more information.

We ensure children receive nutritious meals while attending the Head Start program that meet a significant portion of their daily nutritional needs. Our goal is to provide families with positive nutrition that can be reinforced at home.

MentalHealth75-2Mental Health:
We focus on building collaborative relationships among children, families, staff, mental health professionals and the community to enhance awareness and understanding of mental wellness. We provide services and referrals to children and families to address mental health needs.

Disability75-2Disability Services:
We are committed to working with families to ensure that their children, including those with significant disabilities, receive the comprehensive services needed to meet their developmental, health, and social needs. Specially trained teachers and staff provide services to children with disabilities and their families.